The audience had to wait a long time for the arrival but the MonsterVerse’s biggest clash is just a few months away from us. It was previously set for May release and the movie is now dropping in the theatres and on HBO Max. 

The first trailer of the movie is coming on Sunday and more importantly the latest look from the poster shows an epic meet between the Godzilla and King Kong. Kong: Skull Island was set in 1973, so while it hasn’t been officially announced what year Godzilla vs. Kong is set in, basically around five decades will have passed within the MonsterVerse since the giant gorilla’s previous adventure. And to be sure, Kong was no lightweight in Kong: Skull Island, standing at approximately 104 feet tall. But this was an adolescent Kong, so he wasn’t fully grown yet.

We do not know how tall he is right now but c;early he is making the buildings look much smaller in the posters. Furthermore, the brief Godzilla vs. Kong footage that’s made its way online showed us that King Kong is now around Godzilla’s height, who stood at approximately 393 feet in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. So size-wise, we don’t need to worry about seeing Godzilla squish a comparatively pipsqueak Kong to death.

Size is just a factor but we also know how strong Godzilla is and can be incredibly durable it is. However, as director Adam Wingard noted in 2019, this could be a “potential underdog fight,” and along with his growth spurt, King Kong has speed, agility and the ability to use tools on his side. It’s still hard to say who will emerge victorious in Godzilla vs. Kong, but at the very least, we’re guaranteed an epic battle or two.

This movie is going to create a havoc in both theatres and HBO Max starting on March 26. 


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