‘Kimi’ Review: Sure She’s Paranoid, But Something Really Is Out There

The pandemic was very difficult for all of us. Negative thoughts about everything and demotivation for everything were the norms of the pandemic.

Exploring this nature of the pandemic is a new movie called the KIMI. A very famous director has made this movie.

Here is a detailed review about this movie.

Kimi Review

The director who has made this movie is Steven Soderbergh. KIMI Is the 7th movie that he has made in the time of just five years. This new movie is about the fear and the will of survival that all of us felt during the pandemic time.

Main Character Overview

The main character of the movie is Angela Childs played by Zoe Kravitz. In the movie Angela worked for a tech company in the position of a tech analyst.

The movie starts at a time when the world was pandemic free. Angela is shown as living a normal urban life which includes constantly watching things on her phone and occasionally looking out of her apartment window. But as the pandemic strikes her social skills deteriorated so much that even when the pandemic is going away she is not ready to get out of her house and lead a normal life as usual.

Furthermore, Her is situation is so bad that she even does not know that she has developed OCD which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. Simply put she does not even realize that she is frantically using hand sanitizer even when it is not required.

The movie gives a deep message that we all should be careful and reasonable during a difficult time like that of a pandemic but it is also important to reenter the normal life when things start to improve.

In short we should embrace change and not continue to live in our own bubble. After all humans are social animals and prolonged periods of loneliness can really mess up one’s life.

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