Moviegoing audiences are certain to meet their Marvel cinematic Universe counterparts once the Eternals releases. The movie is intended to open up a fresh corner of the MCU and consists of brand-new characters. However, the movie might not be deprived of familiar faces in its entirety as Thanos is known to evidently appear.

On the latest episode of’s Phase Zero podcast, comic book artist and writer Jim Starlin who previously gave birth to Thanos and cameoed in Avengers: Endgame revealed that there are plans for Thanos to be present in Eternals as well.

Now, the main question that persists is whether the present-day Thanos will cause any trouble in Phase 4 or not. This is because we saw Thanos dying twice. Once he got beheaded by Thor early into the story and later, he was turned into dust by Tony Stark by channelizing the power of the Infinity Stones.


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