The Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Ray was spotted at the New York City court on 3rd August 2021. He is due there again in a few days times. Why are the visiting courtrooms? Let’s find out.


It is being reported that Kelly went to court on Tuesday to make his appearance in a hearing. What the hearing was about is still not clear but the fact that it is so close to the date when his hearing for the sexual abuse cases is going to start raises the eyebrows.


A number of sexual abuse cases have been filed against Kelly. In the filings, it is said that Kelly used to run a sex racket where he forced young and underage girls to do sexual activities with himself. In another lawsuit, Kelly has been reported to bribe an Illinois official to provide false identification for the late Aaliyah so that they could marry each other.

Even though Kelly has maintained that all these charges are false, he has now been detained by the officials for two years without any bail. The trial for all these cases is scheduled to start the next Monday and the fact that Kelly went to the court just two days ago signals that all is not well for the Grammy Award winner.

Given this situation, one can guess that maybe the result of the hearings starting from next Monday may not be in the favour of the singer. What will actually happen only time can tell but for the time being things do not look bright for Kelly and his career.

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