There is good news for Kelly price fans. The Grammy nominee singer, Kelly price has been found safe and secure after being missing for 1 week. 

But are you guys wondering what are the reasons that she gets missing for 1 week?

Let’s find out the details and reasons for Kelly’s price missing from the hospital!

Reasons For Kelly Price Missing from Hospital 

Two months earlier, the legendary singer was diagnosed with covid 19 and was being treated for the past two months in the hospital. 

When she was fully recovered and was released from the hospital, the family members of the singer found that she was missing. 

According to the sources, the cobb police made a check on her house but they couldn’t make any contact with Kelly. 

So, according to the cobb county police, Kelly was stated missing in cobb county, Georgia. 

After the news of Kelly missing was broke out, her attorney said that she was safe and not missing. She just needs some time for herself. 

Kelly Price Determination Details

48-year-old singer, Kelly took Instagram on July 29 and shared the news of having covid 19 and the symptoms she was experiencing. 

According to the reporter of TMZ, the singer has received her treatment at a secret location and authorities have been advised that she was safe.

And, because she was suffering from the covid, she had to cancel a show in New Orleans. But she remained positive and hopeful to be on schedule for other tour dates.

she seemed pretty determined about her plans, which indeed deserves a real appreciation. Furthermore, her qualities are always admired well by her fans.

However, considering her determination, her disappearance became a matter of concern for many. But, after the investigation, it was finally a relief that she was safe and just needed some time.

Well, what do guys think of the Kelly being missing? Is it right to go missing? Comment down below your thoughts. 

See you next time with more crispy news from the entertainment world.


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