As you all are familiar with our very own famous pop singer Kanye West. The singer is very popular in our teens nowadays. So  West’s Yeezy brand of clothes has made a lot of fortune in the collaboration with Gap. It was and is a win-win situation for both parties. Now their former boss Mickey Drexler has revealed that he had advised West not to collaborate with them.

Let’s see why such kind of advice came from him.


Drexler has said that according to him West is not a cooperate person. He does not understand how to run a company or how to commercialize a product. He had also warned him that this collaboration will not work for either of them. Still West was adamant and after the retirement of Drexler, the new boss happily collaborated with West. Together they released a blue-colored jacket for $200. That jacket fetched them a sale of $7 million.

Even now Drexler still maintains that West is not the right kind of person to do a collaborate with. The main reason why West has only collaborated with Gap and not with any other company is that in his earlier days West used to work at the store of the Gap. This is the reason why West is so committed to the company. It has been reported that soon new t-shirts and hoodies under the Yeezy brand are about to launch.

This means that both West and Gap are happy with the collaboration and on top of it they are earning profits. Maybe Drexler’s disagreement has something to do with West himself. Maybe he does not like his product or song.

It does not matter what Drexler has to say people love West and they also love and support his fashion life, even he has launched only 1 product.

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