Hello there folks, how are you? Fine, that is good to hear. We all know that everyone here is a hard core gamer and has nothing to do with music or people related to music. In fact so many of you must be so much into gaming that you most probably have missed the gossip around Kanye West wanting to make a game! Ok, get that jaw that just dropped down up and allow us to give you everything on the Kanye West gossip.


Now we are pretty sure that many of you don’t even know who Kanye West is? He is a very famous rapper. As to the gossip, the former American President of the Nintendo division in America, Reggie Fils-Aime revealed during speaking for a podcast that Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and approached the with the intent to make a video game.

 He said that West had spoken to Shigeru Miyamoto, an important head in the company. West had been experimenting with a piece of gaming he had been working on and wanted the help of Nintendo to make it a reality. Sadly for West and his game, Nintendo declined the offer. Speaking on this Reggie stated that they had a lot of other projects going on at the time West had approached them and they did not have the time to give to the West’s game. 

Reggie explained how difficult to was to refuse West and they did so in a polite manner. After initially pressing Nintendo for the project, West understood and took the denial positively.

 Since then, Nintendo and West have had never a meeting regarding the game, Reggie concluded.

What do you think West was planning to do in the game? Feel free to share your views, ideas and opinions on the same in the comment box.


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