Kanye West Sees Other Women As ‘Distraction’ From Kim Kardashion

Well, Kanye West is on buzz always. On the surface, it appears that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally moved on, and Kardashian definitely appears to have done so, but west still has hope.

According to the sources, online, quoting a source, the rapper believes that other women are only “distractions” from his “soulmate” Kardashian.

Let’s know some details on this!

Kanye West Sees Other Women As Distraction

As per the source, West is seen with a variety of women since the split, however none of them appear to be lasting more than a few dates.

He was recently spotted in Miami with Puerto Rican artist Audri Nix and then in New York City with actress Julia Fox.

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson, the creator of SKIMS, may have found a substitute for West. The couple spent Christmas and the beginning of the New Year together.

“Kanye hasn’t given up on Kim,” a source close to West told. “She’s the only one in his heart, and he believes they’re soulmates who will reunite,” the source continued.

Despite the fact that it appears that the rapper enjoys the company of other women, the insider claims: “The other ladies with whom he spends his time are a source of diversion. He enjoys the attention he receives from them, but that is all.”

“Kim is still the one one he sincerely wants to be with,” the person continued.

According to the publication, West is doing everything he can to stay close to Kardashian, including buying a house across the street and publicly vowing to “repair” his marriage. He remarked in an interview, “I’m doing everything I can to be right next to the problem.”

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