Younger siblings are such a nuisance lovely things right? While they fill our worlds with joy, they also annoy us a lot. But it is this bitter sweet relationship that we all cherish. And celebrities too, cherish this bond. Take for example, famous pop singer Justin Bieber. He very recently shared something about his sibling on his official Instagram handle. What did he share? Find out that and more right ahead.

Justin Bieber has a 15 years younger brother Jaxon
Justin Bieber has a 15 years younger brother Jaxon


So, Justin Bieber has a 15 years younger brother Jaxon who is right now 12 years old. Bieber shared an adorable picture of him and his brother Jaxon. In the caption of this picture, he expressed his delight at having such a sweet brother like Jaxon. He went on to say that he loves his little brother and is proud of him. He is also proud to be the older brother of Jaxon as well. He further added that he could not believe time had flown so fast and that Jaxon was 12 years old now. He shared another in which he and Jaxon can ne seen on BMXs. He captioned this picture as he and his father teaching Jaxon, how to ride a BMX.


Well, it may come as a surprise but Bieber also has a baby sister named Jazmyn. He shared a picture of him and her on the occasion of her 13th birthday. In the picture he and his sister are sleeping together. In the caption, Bieber has mentioned that he is so lucky to have a sister as well. He will always be there by her side to protect her and care for her. He added that he will never leave her under any circumstance. 

The love Bieber shows for his brother and sister is just so adorable. You can check out the posts on his Instagram handle. The link for the same is here

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