Jungkook and Charlie Puth in a BL relationship and more

We Don’t Talk Anymore singer Charlie Puth recently collaborated with BTS’s Junkook in Left and Right. He revealed that he was dating the golden maknae in the musical story. Continue reading to see what he says next.

BTS Jungkook and Charlie Puth were dating in the Left and Right song

After releasing the Left and Right song with BTS Jungkook, Charlie Puth revealed they both were dating in the song. This song has become a massive hit collaboration between a Korean and American singer. He shared this on his Instagram story. Fans are already going crazy after their song was out. But now, some fans are telling him to ‘get in line because Jungkook has many admirers. And as the fans are celebrating gay pride, the song has a nice message and got released at a perfect time.

As BTS fans, we all know that Jungkook has always been vocal about his love for composer and singer Charlie Puth. And soon after the duo performed together in their first collaboration Korean award show, some fans realized that this was one of the best collaborations so far. Some were even saying that it is a match made in heaven.

And it seems like these two singers took it way too seriously and channeled the exact energy in the new music video called Left and Right. The song was internationally released this year on June 24. And as soon as it was out, the single broke many records immediately after it was released. After that, Charlie Puth got so overwhelmed that he took to his Twitter and shared his thoughts with the world.

After the Left and Right song was out, Jungkook has become the first solo member to begin his first solo journey post announcement of their band hiatus. Now, the beautiful music has become an instant fan favorite. But after watching the music video, some fans were suspecting a homosexual relationship between the duo’s two characters.

And now, all the fan theories have become true because they were recently confirmed by none other than Charlie Puth himself. His post is doing rounds on the internet and fans cannot keep calm. Before releasing his statement, he was being asked a lot of questions related to his collab with BTS singer Jungkook and his feelings for the golden maknae.

Initially, as the song became a massive hit collaboration of a Korean and American singer, fans started joking about Jungkook would be turning out to be Charlie’s gay awakening. Fans shared good humor by saying the singer was so enamored by Jungkook’s beauty. Some even wondered if Charlie Puth would come out as homosexual. The music video had three casts, that is Jungkook, Charlie Puth, as well as his love therapist.


All these things convey that Charlie has a soft spot for BTS Jungkook. Fans are waiting for more collaborations by them in the future. So let’s keep our fingers crossed. Also, if you haven’t watched the music video of Left and Right, then check it out below.




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