Julian Barratt, The Mighty Boosh star reveals whether a reunion show is on the cards

Starring comedians Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, and others, The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe. This radio series had twenty episodes on BBC Three, which dropped from 2004 t0o 2007 and six episodes on the radio. It seems like the reunion of the series is on the cards. Recently, Julian Barratt disclosed the possible reunion in the future. So this means The Mighty Boosh fans can expect all the cast of the series to return soon. Barratt also said that they are hoping to do something in the coming years.

Will The Mighty Boosh return on TV?

Twenty years back, The Mighty Boosh show was a huge hit among the viewers. The show which debuted in 2000 was mostly famous for their live appearances. Barratt did not reveal much about their reunion, so we don’t have enough details, but we are sure that if they do reunite, then, it will be more of a latter. As of now, the current situation won’t allow them to produce new episodes.

Recently, Barratt told his fans through RadioTimes that they will do something live for their viewers who want to see them more and to those who grew up watching their episodes. He also continued that they will see where it takes them. He also said that they would return soon, but he doesn’t know exactly when.

When he was asked whether viewers will get to see the screen show too, the star responded that he doesn’t know that, but he added that they would have to first return on the Boosh mobile. He continued that it was very consuming when they were releasing the radio series as well as TV series. He said that the cast and crew of the show would have to get back on the horse.

Aside from Barratt, Fielding also teased about the possibility of their reunion. Earlier this year, he teased his fans on his Instagram account. His post meant that the audience did not see Boosh for a decade, so let us try and rectify it in the next one. In the interview, Barratt also talked about his friendship with Fielding, who is now a co-host of Great British Bake Off.

Barratt said that Fielding is still friends with him, and he lives close to him, so he sees him more often. He joked that Fielding never sees him, but he notices him always. Fielding is expecting a second kid with his wife Lliana Bird soon.

Final Words

Fielding’s message on Instagram clearly says that we can expect The Mighty Boosh to return in 2021 or maybe in 2022. If they really do return, then then the next year will bring more fun for the viewers. Check back with us for more news about The Mighty Boosh show.


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