In 2018 Joseph was an Indian crime thriller written by Shahi Kabir and directed by M. Padmakumar. They are stars like Joju George, Pothan Diliesh, Irshad, Rajan Athmiya, Johny Antony, Koppy Sudhi, Menon Malavika and Braganza Madhuri. Some movie scenes (initially, the double crime scene) are based on the writer Shahi Kabir’s actual life experience. Joju was awarded the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor and the National Awards for a special mention. It was made in Kannada as a Ravi Bopanna with V. Ravichandran and as a Visithiran with R. K. Suresh in Tamil. The movie was made in Canada. The film’s central theme is quite similar to the novel ‘Sareerasaasthram’ by Benyamin.

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Joseph Movie Plot Details

The police medal is given to Peter (Dileesh Pothan). The driver asks why they are awarded this medal after the ceremony, as friends from Peter and Joseph (Joju George) ride in taxis. The storey then turns into Joseph, a former police officer whose investigative ability is rare and sharp. Joseph’s lonely wife Stella (Athmiya Rajan), the latter who married Peter, is separated from him by her. The SP of the Police then calls him to investigate a crime scene involving an old couple’s assassination. Then he enters and examines the crime scene.

When asked about the people on the scene, it is discovered that a man named Manu was the first to see the event when he came to give their homes milk, and he told the police. After interviewing the crime scene representatives, Joseph resorts to a drink with one of the staff who helped extract the dead body from the crime scene. They choose to booze at Manu’s place. He sends Manu to pick him up a Pepsi. When Manu returns, he is surprised that he finds the police at home, and Joseph declares Manu guilty. The officer then arrested Manu, and Joseph proved genuinely trustworthy.

After a couple of days, the wife’s accident surprised Joseph, and he rushes to the hospital to see her. His daughter Dayana Joseph (Malavika Menon) lost in an accident some years ago (he also suffered losses in his family life). His friends discover that Joseph still loves Stella and then asks what the reason for his separation was. Joseph then reveals that some years ago, when he went to a crime scene after Joseph had been married and a girl’s dad, he was shocked to discover that his former lover, Lisamma, had lost his life (Madhuri Braganza). This incident haunted him so much that even his wife’s touch reminded him of his once-beautiful lover’s rotting corpse. He was terrified of revealing this to his wife, who alcoholized him and kept him from his wife. Stella finally gets a divorce, and Joseph asks her daughter to keep her with him. The scene is then moved to today. After some time, his wife’s brain has been pronounced dead, and the doctor asks him to donate their organs.

Joseph gets to the crime scene where his wife encountered the crash. The tea shop owner who also describes this incident, Joseph and his friends receive the car number. Joseph guesses that the car number will be wrong, which proved accurate when friends attempt to track it. Joseph discovers that if his wife falls down her forearm, she was not harmed or could not find enough to cause such an accident. Joseph records and traces all the second hand used cars of the eye witness style. And always ensure an eyewitness make the case a hit and run instead of a murder. Joseph informs his friends that a new sim is committed within 48 hours by the lady who travelled in a car.

Joseph meets a girl whose heart has been transplanted into his daughter and finds her ill before transplantation. Joseph advises the girl’s mother to consult with her friend of a cardiologist to look for the girl’s persistent disease. Later, Joseph tracks the new second used car that has been sold in the hospital and arranges his friends to follow. But the day Josephs friends’ car gets punched and tucked out in the black used car and couldn’t follow the vehicle. His friends attempt to call Joseph, but he hasn’t collected the phone. Joseph was hit by the murderer Jeep and then picked up by the pair in his used black car while he was on a bike to imitate his wife’s path. Joseph takes the operation theatre.

The scene moves to the courthouse. Advocate (Nedumudi Venu) says that instead of the 10 lakhs that the patient should be well handled, Joseph provided solid proof of the crime carried out for one organ transplant crore per organ hospital. The scene moves to a flashback showing Joseph’s bike with a back camera recording the incident. The killer’s jeep comes down, and he’s picked in a black used car by a couple. A camera that had previously been made by Joseph’s fellow’s black used car depicts the woman bashing Joseph’s head with a hammer, which damages him in the brain.

The scene moves back to Joseph’s flashback. The transplantation, as mentioned above, may not affect the girl as if his cardiologist’s mate did not perform it. The same day the organ of his daughter was donated, and Stella’s organs were also donated to a foreigner, Joseph follows some outstanding hospital records that show that the donation was made for strangers. Joseph thus monitored a high priority list for the AB group that matched his group, focused on killing him. Joseph had previously committed a suicide trial by cutting his vein and receiving hospital admission for his listing as a potential donor to the unusual category. To watch his everyday life, Joseph was spied on by the murderer arranged in the hospital. Finally, Joseph punctures his friend’s car by himself so that it is perpetrated as usual and the complete proof is registered. The organs of Joseph have also been transplanted for aliens. To avoid the culprits being rescued in the name of the lack of evidence, Joseph devoted his own body to evidence of organ transplant crime in the hospital. There are several regulations on organ transplantation that prevent false organ transplantation of all kinds. The film ends with the medal awarded to Peter on behalf of Joseph.

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Joseph Movie Cast Details

  • Joju George is the former police officer Joseph Parekkatil
  • Stella Peter, former wife of Joseph, Athmiya Rajan
  • Dayana, Joseph, Stella’s daughter, Malavika Menon
  • Stella’s husband, Dileesh Pothan as Peter
  • Joseph’s Ex-Love Interest Madhuri Braganza as Lisamma
  • Joseph’s friend Sudhi Koppa as Sudhy
  • Joseph’s friend Irshad as T.Sidique
  • The Friend of James Elia
  • As a friend of Joseph, Kijan
  • As Adv. Srinivasan, Nedumudi Venu
  • The Church Priest Johny Antony
  • As the Church Priest, Jaffar Idukki
  • As the owner of Tea Shop, Bitto Davis
  • As Viswanathan, Rajesh Sharma
  • SP Venugopal Anil Murali
  • As Car Owner, Idavela Babu
  • Cardiologist Prem Prakash
  • As Renuka Sonia M S

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