John Mulaney Confirms Olivia Munn Pregnancy on Seth Meyers: ‘They Couldn’t Be Happier

Recently, john Mulaney confirmed that Oliva Munn is pregnant and they are expecting their first baby. The comedian john confirms the news in the late night with Seth Meyers that airs on Tuesday. And, they both are very excited about the new addition to their family. 

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John and Olivia Expecting Their First Baby 

According to the sources, the couple is extremely excited. And they, said “They are both extremely excited about the baby”

John had appeared on Seth Meyers that broadcast on Tuesday. In the talk show, he said that the duet is happy that they are welcoming their first child. 

After he told the news to Seth then, he said that he was very nervous to reveal the news of the pregnancy and that he is going to be a father soon. And addition to that he said that last year was a tough year for him. He has to face many obstacles in his life. 

He said that he went to rehab in September, got out from rehab in October, and then he moved out from the home that he shared with his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. 

And then he shared “in the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia. She’s kind of held my hand [through everything], And we’re having a baby together.” After that john, Mulaney thanked Seth Meyers for having him on the show. 

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