John Cena a name everyone knows but for what after all he is a WWE superstar. His pay-per-view in every makes everyone loves him. But, his defeat to Bray Watt in Wrestle Mania 36 proved a turning point in his career. It opened the door for Cena in the field of acting. 

John’s performance in FanSided 250 is just a trailer!

Well, there were rumors that John is starting his career in acting after that loose but the truth is that he already had begun his new life in acting. And believe me, he has a lot of potential in this field. It’s not me who is saying this but the ranking of John in FanSided 250.

In the early year 2020, DCEU announced its cast for the ‘The Suicide Squad’. And he was included in the casts for the movie. Wait! Wait! I am telling his roll. He will play the role of Peacemaker. So, he has to team up with Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and the rest of the crew and I think he suits well in the squad.

And one more thing it isn’t about the movie, HBO Max will also present a peacemaker and John will get the spin-off. Have a look at the whole squad of the movie,

John has proved that he can do multiple roles, not just action. His performances in recent movies have been exceptional. His lovely character in Ferdinand, a hilarious one in Blockers, and the role of Baron Draxum in Rising of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are very unique. 

He also proved that he can do goofy roles too like one of them in Bumblebee.

So, there is no surprise that he is getting a role in The Suicide Squad. He is the guy that James Gunn, writer-director of ‘The Suicide Squad’ ever find for the role of a peacemaker who just wants peace at any cost, no matter how many murders he has to do for the so-called ‘peace’. 

John listed at 86h rank in FanSided list 250 where he put many actors behind namely Beyonce, Tiger King, and Zion Williams. Comprising everything makes it clear that he has enough potential to make and grow his career in comic books and acting.

 Some might have a problem with the age of John saying that he isn’t a young lad as John has reached at the age of 43 but we have seen many other wrestlers like Under Taker which performed at the age of 55. Thus, this can’t be a vital point.


John Cena is continuing his career in the acting field and we have seen The Rock, the success he has got can be repeated by John too. Well, I am waiting for the FanSided list 250 after the movie The Suicide Squad which will arrive very soon. What are your opinions on that?

 Do you want to see your favorite star in this field? What expectations you have from him? Let us know!

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