Joel Osteen Net Worth and Everything You Should Know About Him

Joel Osteen’s net worth, Joel an evangelist, has a net worth of more than $100 million. Osteen is best known for his work as the pastor of Houston’s Lakewood Church. He has become a divisive figure as a result of his personal wealth and general support for the “prosperity gospel.

” Several critics have accused him of prioritizing self-improvement over others. His Houston mega-church has a 600,000-square-foot footprint and a 17-thousand-person capacity and is housed in a former sports stadium after reading this you can wonder how much is Joel Osteen worth.

Joel Osteen’s salary, he received no remuneration from his church in the last ten years. He makes money through a variety of means, including book advances, book royalties, calendar sales, speaking fees, and other merchandise.

Facts about Joel

  • In 2010, I paid $10.5 million for a house in Houston. That house is now worth between $14 and 16 million dollars.
  • He does not receive a salary from his church.
  • According to reports, he made $13 million from his second album.

More About Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen’s prosperity teachings have been called into question in the public spotlight. According to The Huffington Post, Rick Henderson, a pastor in Texas, has spoken out against Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer in his congregation.

“They both preach a distorted brand of Christianity that emphasizes obedience to God, giving and faith as a technique of receiving things from Him,” he said. This movement gave birth to the Prosperity Gospel and the Seed Faith Movement, often known as the Word of Faith Movement.”


Joel’ Osteen was born in Houston, Texas on March 5, 1963. There are a total of six children born to John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim. Osteen also has a half-brother from his father’s previous marriage. Joel went on to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after high school, where he majored in broadcast journalism. Osteen dropped out of college.

Professional Life of Joel Osteen

joel osteen net worth
Joel Osteen net worth

Joel’s father, a Southern Baptist pastor, had left him the Lakewood Church and its television ministry. He founded Lakewood’s television program while serving as executive producer of his father’s sermons on TV for 17 years. His father, John, died of a heart attack in January 1999.

Joel took over his father’s ministry as a pastor and televangelist two weeks after his father died, despite his lack of formal religious training. Lakewood purchased the Compaq Center, the former home of the NBA Houston Rockets, in 2003. The renovations took 15 months and cost more than $105 million to complete.

56,000 people attended the grand opening, including Texas Governor Rick Perry and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In 2006, Barbara Walters named Osteen one of her “10 Most Fascinating People.” By 2008, more than 100 countries had tuned in to the church’s weekly service TV broadcast. Joel and his family were invited to attend President Obama’s Easter breakfast at the White House in 2010.

Personal Life

On April 4, 1987, Osteen married Victoria IIoff, a fellow pastor at Lakewood Church. The couple has given birth to two children. Osteen’s older brothers and sisters are full-time ministers.

Osteen avoids preaching on contentious and political issues such as gay marriage and abortion, but he has stated that the church can become overly focused on one issue to the exclusion of others. As far as he is concerned, he opposes homophobia. Furthermore, Osteen has publicly expressed his support for Israel. The band The American Dollar sued Osteen and Lakewood Church for copyright infringement in 2011. A judge ruled in favor of Osteen.

Why is Joel Osteen being hated on social media?

joel osteen net worth
Joel Osteen net worth

Since the devastating flooding in Houston, a great deal of resentment has bubbled to the surface. On social media, accusations were leveled against Osteen’s massive 600,000-square-foot Houston church for refusing to admit individuals in need. According to a representative for him, the facility was “never closed,” and the church was hesitant to lodge individuals due to fears about rising seas and a poisonous environment. He categorically denies these claims. Hundreds of volunteers have been coordinating relief efforts at Osteen’s church since the beginning of the week, and hundreds more have been provided with temporary shelter.

Sadly, the harm had already been done at this point. The internet was swamped with outrage over Osteen’s apparent dodging of his “duty to Christ,” and the story continues to dominate the news. If the allegations against Osteen are accurate, he ought to be punished. If I’m being really honest, he asked.

Some question Osteen’s honesty, despite the fact that he is a man of God who encourages people and gives back to the community. He spent $10 million on this home. He also has a yacht. He has ferried around in a fleet of high-end cars and dressed inexpensive clothing.

He is undoubtedly one of the best-paid pastors in the country, if not the world. Osteen makes no apologies for how wealthy he is. “We just feel like these are God’s blessings,” he told Oprah Winfrey in 2012. Being blessed and living in a lovely location, in my opinion, is not something to be embarrassed about.

Assets and Earnings

Joel Osteen’s books, radio show, public speaking fees, and church collection generate more than $70 million per year. When asked about his high income, Joel stated that he is not ashamed of his wealth. It is preferable to him to simply thank and praise God for the money one has earned.

He claims that the church does not pay him. Joel Osteen’s net worth 2020 includes his $10.5 million property has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guest house, and a pool house, and he also owns his former home, which Joel Osteen personal wealth is worth $2.9 million. This information is disputed by Osteen’s detractors.

He is estimated to have a net worth of more than $40 million.”

According to Joel Osteen, whose book sales and other activities are estimated to be worth $55 million, having a lot of money does not make you a bad person.

House of Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen’s house on social media, detractors point out that Joel Osteen, his wife Victoria Osteen, and their children live in a 17,000-square-foot mansion in Houston’s suburbs.

According to reports, the Osteens paid $10.5 million for the house in 2010. Zillow estimates the house’s value to be between $14 and $16 million dollars as of this writing. It is estimated that they still own a $3 million house in Houston.

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