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Jimmy Rogers Actor (September 8–May 26; 1897–1933) was an American singer-songwriter who was one of the most popular singers and musicians in the United States in the late 1920s.

His distinct rhythmic yodeling earned him the title “Father of Country Music.”

Rodgers’ recordings, some of which were pioneering efforts in country music, helped propel him to stardom before his live performances, which were also well-received at the time.

His influence can be felt in a variety of genres, ranging from country to blues, where he was a pioneer, to rock ‘n’ roll. His other well-known monikers include “The Singing Brakeman” and “The Blue Yodeler.”


Rodgers was born in Meridian, Mississippi, according to family legend, but in documents, he signed later in life, he listed his birthplace as Geiger, Alabama, the town where his paternal grandparents had lived before they married.

Historians such as Nolan Porterfield and Barry Mazor, who have studied the circumstances surrounding that document, continue to identify Pine Springs, Mississippi, just north of Meridian, as his birthplace.

Rodgers’ mother died when he was six or seven years old while growing up in southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama, and he spent the next few years living with various family members.

Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth
Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth

Jimmie’s mother, Eliza (Bozeman) Rodgers, had seven children in the 1900 census, four of whom were still alive at the time. Jimmie (referred to as “James”) was one of seven children, according to the census.

He eventually returned to Meridian, Mississippi, to live with his father, Aaron Rodgers, a Mobile and Ohio Railroad maintenance-of-way foreman who had married a new wife.

Rodgers’ ancestors and heritage are unknown, despite records and his mother’s maiden name indicating that he has English and possibly German or Dutch ancestors.


Jimmie Rodgers country singer had a natural talent for entertaining at a young age, and the allure of the open road was irresistible to him.

He was forced to return to his parents’ house on two occasions because he had organized and begun traveling shows before the age of 13. Rodgers’ father hired him as a water boy on the railroad.

While he was there, a group of rail workers and hobos taught him how to play the guitar. He would have heard the work chants of African-American railroad workers, known as gandy dancers, as a water boy.

While working for the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad, he took over as conductor on the Meridian-to-New Orleans line from his older brother Walter, who had been promoted

Rodgers was 27 years old when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis for the first time in 1924. However, it also enabled him to return to the entertainment industry after a brief absence due to illness.

He organized a roadshow and toured the Southeast until a cyclone destroyed his tent, forcing him to return to his hometown. He was able to return to work as a brakeman in Miami, Florida, but he was eventually laid off due to his illness.

He moved to Tucson, Arizona, to work as a switchman for the Southern Pacific Railroad. He returned to Meridian with his family, including wife Carrie and daughter Anita, a little more than a year later, in early 1927.

Jimmie Rodgers’ Height, Weight, And Age

Jimmie Rodgers, the pop singer, will be 73 years old in 2021. Dress and footwear size The most recent height and weight data are available at the bottom of the page. Dress and footwear sizes.

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Jimmie Rodgers’ Social Media Activities

He was a well-known figure on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Continue reading to find out what Jimmie Rodgers (the pop singer) has to say about himself on social media.

Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth
Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth

Personal Information

Who was Jimmie Rodgers’s first wife?  Carrie Cecil Williamson was Rodgers’ wife. Carrie Anita Rodgers (better known as Anita) and June Rebecca Rodgers, who died in 1923 at the age of six months, were the couple’s two daughters.

Rodgers was able to build a “dream house” for his family in Kerrville, Texas, at the height of his fame, thanks to the money he made from his recordings. He did this for a variety of reasons, including his own health.

Rodgers, a self-described “people person,” maintained contact with his former bandmates and was known for his charismatic and upbeat demeanor. Rodgers became a household name by giving strangers free shows, performing impromptu and, socializing with fans while on tour.

Later In His Career

In May 1933, Rogers spent several days at the Taft Hotel in New York, making studio recordings. After completing them, he died on May 26, 1933, of a pulmonary hemorrhage caused by tuberculosis. He was 35 years old at the time.

In a severely depressed market at the time, he accounted for nearly 10% of RCA Victor’s sales Success

Who taught Jimmie Rodgers guitar? Later that year, Rodgers visited Asheville, North Carolina. Jimmie and Otis Kuykendall made their first appearance on Asheville’s first radio station, WWNC, on April 18, 1927, at 9:30 p.m.

A few months later, “The Jimmie Rodgers Entertainers” became a reality when Rodgers brought in the Bristol, Tennessee-based Tenneva Ramblers and secured a weekly slot on the station.

In late July 1927, the Victor Talking Machine Company sent a representative, Ralph Peer, to Bristol to hold an audition for local musicians. The musicians in Rodgers’ band dubbed this audition the “Bristol sessions.”

Rodgers and the group arrived in Bristol on August 3rd, 1927, and auditioned for Peer in an empty warehouse. Peer then agreed to film them the next day.

In an on-camera interview, Claude Grant of the Tenneva Ramblers stated that Rodgers arrived at the recording session the next morning alone after an argument broke out when the band was discussing how they would be billed on the record.

Rodgers had bought guitars on consignment from music stores and resold them, but he had never paid the stores back. The band disbanded for unknown reasons. Jimmie Rodgers finished his first Victor session in Bristol on August 4.

The two-hour session yielded two songs: “The Soldier’s Sweetheart” and “Sleep Baby, Sleep.” Rodgers was paid $100 for the recordings.

Earnings And Net Worth

Jimmie Rodgers was estimated to be worth $3 million.

We’re currently gathering information about James Frederick Rodgers’s Cars, Salary, and Net Worth from a variety of online sources, including Wikipedia, Google, Forbes, and IMDb, and will have something new to share with you soon.

All of Jimmie Rodgers’ (pop) information has been updated below, including his net worth, salary, the primary source of income, and more.

Jimmie Rodgers (pop), who made $3 million and was worth $5 million. In recent years, his Yeezy sneakers have made Jimmie Rodgers (pop) the majority of his money.

He had exaggerated the size of his business over the years, but he did make enough money as a celebrity to be one of the highest-paid celebrities of all time.

His main source of income came from his work as a well-known musician, singer, and songwriter. His fortune is thought to be worth between $5 and $10 million. Jimmie Rodgers, an actor, has a large social media following (pop singer).

Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth
Jimmie Rodgers Net Worth

How Did Jimmie Rodgers Die?

Jimmie Rodgers, a pop singer, died of non-communicable disease on January 18, 2021. He had only recently turned 88 years old when he died. Numerous members of his immediate and extended families, as well as friends, mourned his death.

More About Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers, a Mississippi native, was born in September 1897 and died in Meridian in May 1933. He was famous for his catchy yodeling. He went by many names, including Blue Yodeler and Singing Brakeman.

Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame for the first time. His debut recording, ‘The Soldier’s Sweetheart,’ was released in 1927. “Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas),”

“In the Jailhouse Now,” “Frankie and Johnnie,” and “Blue Yodel No. 8” are among his best-known compositions (aka Mule Skinner Blues). He was responsible for 10% of RCA Victor’s sales in the years leading up to his death.

Jimmie Rodgers died on May 26, 1933, at the age of 35, from a pulmonary hemorrhage caused by tuberculosis.

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