The Supernatural star Jensen Ackles shared that shooting the nude scene for Amazon Prime’s hit The Boys series was a little colder than anticipated. He also said that he had a bit of anxiety shooting for the show. Continue reading to find out what Jensen Ackles has to say about starring as sure Soldier Boy in The Boys.

Jensen Ackles shares insights about what it was like shooting for The Boys

This series is known for pushing the boundaries in graphics content, be it sex scenes, bloody moments, or abusive language. However, one thing the cast didn’t know was that Eric Kripke, the show’s director, is going to take things way further in season three.

Jensen Ackles is known among the viewers for portraying his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural. The show had a lot of gore moments. So we can say that Jensen has experienced all the reel bloody moments before stepping into the world of The Boys.

Recollecting his first day on The Boys set, Ackles said that his day was very memorable. He also shared that he had to shoot a scene in his birthday suit. Even the experienced actors are worried about how everything is going to pull up. So the Supernatural star was a little anxious too. He added that he was wondering how things are going to go and what everything is going to look like after the post-production.

He further added that as an actor, you have to forget such things and get immersed in your role, and hope that the scenes come out the way you want. In a recent interview, Ackles also talked about his initial reaction to one of his character’s scenes in the original script.

So during a phone call with Kripke, he said that he is a son, husband, and a father to three kids. He cannot do this, and he knows his boundaries. Ackles did not share which scene he was talking about. But we think that he was talking about the sixth episode of the 3rd season, which will be titled Herogasm.

It is not the first controversial scene filmed in The Boys. In the upcoming episodes, the eponymous comics spinoff will feature various scenes like Hughie Campbell being sexually assaulted by Black Noir. Other scenes include Soldier Boy having sex with Homelander every year to become a member of the Seven.

And one of the weirdest scenes of this season is a sex scene between a superhero named Termite and his partner. He can shrink himself to a small size, so he decides to shrink down and go inside his partner’s sexual organ and stimulate it from inside. However, as soon as he sneezes, he grows to his normal size and explodes with his partner accidentally.

We are sure that fans are going to enjoy this new season. Though Ackles refused to film a sex scene with Anthony Starr’s Homelander, the director has kept many more treats for the fans. None of them has accused Ackles of a homophobic. But they are anxiously waiting for the next episode to drop on Amazon Prime.



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