Any idea who is increasing temperature these days?

Its Jennifer Lopez.

Recently on her social media handle, Lopez shared her picture in white dress, tight-fitted having round cuts-outs spreaded randomly all over. She is doing nothing less than to keep her styling game on peak.

Here you can have the glimpse of this hot mess in white.

Whom can we give credit?

For every work, credit is given to the creator, not the user. In same way, credit will be given to her costume designer, LaQuan Smith.

This designer’s fanbase is not limited to Jennifer Lopez only. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Beyonce is also included in that list. You all can take an idea that how ravishing this costume designer is. She is known to make the dresses which can never fail to grab the attention of watchers.

How amazing LaQuan Smith is?

In an interview, costume designer said that, “It doesn’t matter what is your skin tone? How old are you? Whether you are married or unmarried? If you feel that you are beautiful, then you will attract every vibes of this world. Unapologetic sexiness is what defined if you will feel it from inside.”

How amazing Jennifer Lopez is?

From sexy and stylish shoulder off gown to skin tight dresses to hot mess bikinis to everything, Lopez has nailed every version of herself on page-1.   

In December, she yet again gave another definition of style game by sharing her picture in white on Instagram. You can have glimpse below.

Something more about Lopez:

Lopez has launched her own skincare line- “JLo Beauty”. She even organised a small function to make this occasion memorable.

she even organised a live event on her social media handle, in which she introduced her line of products to viewers by applying on her own skin. Her skin was looking simply flawless after applying that product.

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