Jennifer Lopez Adds A New Member To Her Family

Is Jennifer Lopez planning to start a family? The singer of “If You Had My Love” made a furry appearance to kick off the holiday season. “Introducing… #Hendrix!!!!,” the 52-year-old captioned the Instagram video. JLo zooms in on the cat, who has set up shop in front of her massive Christmas tree while singing a Christmas carol. The proud cat mother laughs as her feline looks directly into the camera, unfazed by the close-up.

One of the singer’s pets proved to be a big hit with the general public. “awwww I love cats so much this post made me smile,” one user commented. “So sweet, hello Hendrix,” another person said.

Max and Emme, Marc Anthony’s 13-year-old twins, are the couple’s children. Jennifer is already the owner of a pet. Tyson, her son’s adorable Goldendoodle, will be unveiled to the public in June 2020, according to Marry Me. “Welcome to the fam, @tbdpupofficial,” she captioned a video of her son meeting his new puppy on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez brings home a cute little pet
Jennifer Lopez brings home a cute little pet

Suggestions For Her Dog’s Name

We haven’t named Max, our adorable little golden doodle, yet. What are your thoughts on this sweetie’s name? Which one is superior, Tyson or Yankee? Everything will be revealed very soon!

Hendrix will be able to enjoy many holiday festivities this year thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. According to an earlier this month ET report, the couple “is still planning to spend Christmas together and want to make it as special as possible for the kids.” As stated by the source

Affleck And Jennifer

Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer have three children: Violet (age 16), Seraphina (age 12), and Samuel (age 9). They are all raised by their father, Ben Affleck. There hasn’t been any word on Lopez and Affleck’s holiday plans, but a source says the couple wants their children to spend time together as well as do something special just the two of them.

The A-list couple plans to spend some of their vacations alone. According to People, J-Lo is looking forward to “Ben is planning something special as a Christmas gift for Jennifer,” because “spending it with Ben.”

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