Jennifer Aniston admits Friends reunion was brutal and harder than expected

Even though we weren’t expecting it, the recent Friends reunion spectacular had us all in tears. Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green in the hit US comedy, admitted that going down memory lane was “difficult.” She and her five co-stars, including Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, gathered for an unscripted episode earlier this year to talk about their time on the show.

Literally speaking! Jennifer said on the Rob Lowe podcast: “Going back there is nostalgic in a way that’s also mournful, you know? Because a lot has changed and we’ve all taken different paths, some of which were simple and others which were not.

Jennifer said she wasn’t the only one who found filming difficult, with the majority of the group breaking down in tears at some time. It’s impossible to keep from sobbing since there are cameras all around me… There was a time when we were all a puddle of emotion. Maybe David didn’t [weep]; we didn’t break David, as far as I’m aware. Even LeBlanc, though, had to quit. Mr. Tough Guy, you may not be aware of this… “Even he was overcome with emotion,” she said.

We were all taken down much more severely than we expected, I believe. Because when you think of time travel, you think, “Oh, this will be incredibly exciting.” It turns out, oh, ouch – time travel is difficult.

“You appear out of nowhere. And, you know, throughout those 16 years, a lot has happened to everyone of us.” Jennifer Lopez finally spoke up about the fresh relationship rumors circulating around her and David Schwimmer.

The two ex-co-stars, whose characters in the US sitcom had an on-and-off romance for years, were the subject of tabloid claims last month that they had gotten together in real life. As soon as the actors acknowledged they had affections for one another while portraying Rachel and Ross on TV, rumors started circulating.

Jen said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the experience was “weird.” My jaw dropped when I realized what you meant. Really? He came into the room and I immediately recognized him. Regardless, she said, “I understand it,” and then turned to walk away. It simply goes to show how gullible people can be when it comes to achieving their goals and fulfilling their ambitions. This page has undergone revisions since it was first published by the Huffington Post UK.

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