Jenna Jameson Hospitalized, Undergoing Treatment For Guillain-Barre Syndrome”

Readers, no one knows when and how the disease may enter the body. And of course, any disease doesn’t check whether the person is rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, famous, or infamous before entering. 

Today, we’ll share some health details of one of the famous American actresses Jenna Jameson, who’s suffering from very rare Guillain-Barre syndrome. 

Let’s pour some lights on her successful career!

47 years old woman with a jaw-dropping beauty was formerly a porn star and after her retirement from this field in 2008, she began working as a webcam model in 2013 and called herself “totally hetero”. 

She’s a world-famous adult entertainer and also got the title “The Queen Of Porn” because of her mind-blowing performance. 

Jameson is a mother of three beautiful children, one with Lior Bitton, and twins with ex-husband Tito Ortiz. 

About Guillain-Barre Syndrome!

It’s a very rare disorder that attacks the immune system, damaging the peripheral nervous system so harshly, that the patient can barely stand or walk. It makes the muscles so weak, that legs are unable to bear the weight of the upper body and gives unconditional pain. 

The accurate cause of this neurological disorder is not known and it affects one or two people over 100,000 people every year. 

Current Situation of Jenna Jameson!

Readers, Jenna Jameson is hospitalized and she posted a thank you video for her lovely fans from the hospital on Instagram on 10th January 2022.

All of you may check out the post below, e_sheet

Her Intravenous Immunoglobulin treatment was started and she likely to remain under observation until the treatment is complete. 

Her husband Lior Bitton, said that her muscles was getting weak day by day and she’s unable to stand. Even for the bathroom also, he have to pick her in her arms. 

He also posted a video of day three in the hospital on Instagram, with his beautiful daughter sleeping next to him. 

Here’s is the post by Jameson’s loving husband; are_sheet

Hence, just pray for her speedy recovery and stay tuned to know more updates about the upcoming movies!

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