Jaya Janaki Nayaka is a romantic action film directed by Boyapati Srinu and produced by M. Ravinder Reddy under the Dwaraka Creations banner in Telugu. Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Rakul Preet Singh, and Jagapathi Babu star in the film, which also features Pragya Jaiswal, Sarath Kumar, Suman, and Tarun Arora. 

Devi Sri Prasad composed the music for the film. On August 11, 2017, the film was announced.


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Sweety is a university student. Her friend drops out of college because she is bothered by an eve teaser and the son of the Central Minister. 

He is beaten up by a co-student named Gagan Chakravarthy, his father Chakravarthy, and his brother Prudhvi when he comes to bother her for helping her friend. After that, the Central Minister makes it a point to detain Gagan and his family. 

Gagan, Chakravarthy, and Pruthvi are best friends and drinking buddies who have only each other after Gagan’s and Pruthvi’s mothers (Chakravarthy’s wives) died. 

They engage in a variety of activities, including consuming alcohol, eating roadside foods, and assaulting society’s wrongdoers.

two begin to hang out, during which time she learns about his family. She goes to Gagan’s house and makes a lifestyle change for their own good, which Chakravarthy gladly accepts. Meanwhile, Sweety learns about Pruthvi’s failed love relationship and reconciles with the would-be bride’s parents, resulting in a grand wedding. 

Chakravarthy knows Sweety is the reason for everything when he sees the happiness and joy in the air at the wedding and asks Gagan to always be by her side, and if he is not by her side one day, Chakravarthy and his family are as good as dead.

In a separate event, the CM attends the engagement of Aswith Narayana Varma, the daughter of a very wealthy, righteous, ruthless, yet prestige-driven businessman. However, before the wedding, the would-be groom discovers a video of Narayana’s daughter romancing and kissing another guy she liked. 

The groom shows Narayana and informs him of the situation. The next morning, breaking news on television reveals that Narayana killed the groom on purpose in order to protect his pride and reputation. 

Narayana claims that his pride/prestige is the most important thing in the world to him, and that he would go to any length to protect it.

He pressures his daughter to pick up a pistol that he has left on the table and shoots herself. He also murders her ex-boyfriend. 

Narayana and his company want to create a highway that will make them Asia’s most profitable company, but his son Veerendra reveals that the project has competition in the form of Arjun Pawar, North India’s most powerful liquor baron. 

Except for his lawyer JP, Arjun is backed by his two brothers and has bought off all of Narayana’s nearest associates and subordinates. JP is threatened by Arjun, who says that if he does not agree to his terms, his daughter must marry his youngest brother or he will kill her.

Out of uncertainty, JP agrees. Narayana, on the other hand, retaliates by dispatching Veerendra to disable Arjun’s brother, breaking up his back and putting him in a critical condition for the rest of his life. Arjun then tries to retaliate. 

Sweety discovers she is head over heels in love with Gagan and expresses her feelings to him. Sweety takes Gagan to her house to meet her father JP, who insults him after learning about his lifestyle and the popularity Chakravarthy has in society, and then insults Sweety. 

Gagan, enraged, issues a threat to JP, but Sweety, who values her father’s life above all else, sends Gagan away and tells him never to return.

Gagan, who is heartbroken, drives and attempts to forget Sweety, but is unable to do so and is involved in a car accident. Chakravarthy and his uncle, fearful for his safety, send him to Vizag to stay with known relatives. 

Gagan discovers that Faluguni’s lifestyle is young, wild, and free when she picks him up from the airport. Falguni, on the other hand, has no romantic feelings for Gagan. After a beach party, I was driving back. Gagan witnesses an assault on a family. 

He tries to save them, and they turn out to be Narayana’s kin, who have been sent to be killed by Arjun’s brother. Gagan is pleading with Narayana’s family to save them and their daughter-in-law.

Jaya Janaki Nayaka Download Full Movie Dubbed And In Original Audio Via Movierulz
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Gagan defeats some of Pawar’s men and saves Sweety, Pawar’s daughter-in-law. Gagan is shot four times and left for dead, stunned. On the orders of Aswith Narayana Varma, the doctors save him, and Narayana’s wife then reveals the flashback. 

Narayana met JP after breaking Arjun’s brother’s back, and the two decided to marry Veerendra and Sweety. As Veerendra is about to tie the knot at the wedding, he is shot and killed, and Arjun’s men arrive to abduct everyone and execute them. 

JP has little choice but to separate her daughter from the Narayana family after Veerendra’s death at the hands of Arjun.

Narayana’s sister, on the other hand, calls her brother and informs him that they need Sweety because she is about to marry Veerendra and has decided to accept Sweety as their daughter-in-law.

 Sweety becomes a sad widow with no family feelings after her would-be husband dies. Gagan then makes a promise to Sweety that he will protect her until he dies, and that he will solve all of her problems. 

Narayana’s sister arrives and informs the family that a pooja must be performed near the Hamsala Deevi river. She sees Gagan, who claims he won’t be able to join them. In fact, Narayana’s sister has made an agreement with Arjun to get Sweety and leave her family alone, and Arjun has agreed. 

Arjun’s men attacks Narayana and the rest of his family as they conduct the pooja. Gagan, Chakravarthy, and Nandu emerge from the water just as they are about to strike Sweety and kill everyone. 

Narayana’s pride/prestige has been harmed once again as he takes Sweety with him. The Central Minister then enrages both Narayana and Arjun against Gagan, so they join forces to eliminate Gagan once and for all. 

Chakravarthy and Pruthvi are seriously injured in the attack, and Narayana kidnaps Sweety. Gagan then drags his wounded brother and father to Sweety’s detention centre, where he kills all but Narayana.

Finally, Gagan claims that Narayana lost his pride and reputation a long time ago when he joined forces with his adversary, who murdered his son for the sake of killing a simple child. Narayana shoots himself and dies while listening to this. 

Chakravarthy agrees to marry Gagan to Sweety and inquires about the name she wants on the wedding card. Sweety says “Janaki,” and the movie ends happily.

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Jaya Janaki Nayaka Download Full Movie Dubbed And In Original Audio Via Movierulz
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