Jason Statham’s Bee Keeper Details About Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything we know so far

Jason Statham is believed to be joining the set of Miramax’s upcoming film Bee Keeper as an extra. Over the course of his career, Statham has raked in over $7.8 billion in box office earnings, thanks to his great performances in many action flicks in Hollywood.

Best known as Deckard Shaw in the Fast and Furious franchise, in which he made his debut as an extra in Fast and Furious 6 Other notable roles include The Italian Job, the Expendables movie, Spy, and The Meg. As a result of his success, he has been in a number of big motion movies and is the world’s most lucrative movie star.

When is the Release Date?

Theatres might not be able to see The Bee Keeper for some time. Deadline reports that Miramax has been paying seven figures for Kurt Wimmer’s screenplays.

According to rumors, filming will begin in September 2022, despite no formal declaration from the producers regarding production start dates. In addition to Atlanta and London, the movie will be filmed. Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, it’s impossible to forecast if the film’s production will be delayed, but let’s hope it will be released in 2023.

Casting Members

Jason Statham has officially signed on to star in the upcoming horror thriller The Bee Keeper, according to sources. Bill Block, Miramax’s CEO, has reportedly been working on the project for years. It is intended that the Bee Keeper film explores universal themes via a unique story that will have audiences on the edge of their seats. Keep reading if you’d want to learn more about the film!

We don’t know who will return because the film is still in its infancy! In any case, as the full text makes clear, there will be a main character played by Jason Statham in the film. In the weeks to come, we’ll give more information on the casting members, so stay tuned.

About Storyline

“Deadline” describes it as a “Lightning paced thriller,” yet the plot is a mystery! The film, as its title suggests, would dig into the mythology of beekeeping in order to tell its story. We believe that Statham will be a beekeeper to some extent. Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer, as previously announced, will pen the script for the franchise’s sequels. Aside from Point Break (2015), he is also renowned for Street Kings, The Law Abiding Citizen, and Salt.

Recently, he was cast in the upcoming comedy “The Misfits,” which would take a more comedic tone. It’s unclear if The Bee Keeper will do the same. Certainty, there will be plenty of time to make a guess.


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