While modern technology has altered our modes of communication, nothing beats a classic love letter to warm the heart. A discovery of a very personal vintage piece of mail inspired an ambitious journalist in “The Last Letter from Your Lover” to find a rich array of notes between two secret lovers in the 1960s. When the details of the all-consuming affair emerge, the audience can join in on the journey into the past to discover the truth of a forbidden romantic event.

The film, based on Jojo Moyes’ novel of the same name, has amazing costumes and scenery over the same parallel schedules. Both stories are fully transportive and appealing, with their breathtaking fashions and decoration, as well as the picturesque houses and bustling energy of modern times. In addition to the film’s sublime visuals, it also presents a riveting, sensitive, and alluring character dynamic thanks to the stellar work of the cast.

The plot revolves around one of Jennifer’s characters, Shailene Woodley, and her husband, Laurence Stirling and Joe Alwyn. The Stirlings may be young, beautiful, and wealthy, but there is much more to them than meets the eye, and Woodley and Alwyn do an excellent job of capturing the nuances of their characters. In honour of some of “Your Lover’s Last Letteroutstanding” performances, let’s take a closer look at how Woodley and Alwyn set a striking tone of trouble at such a pivotal point in the film.

Cutting the Chaos

No marriage is without complications, but when we first meet the Stirlings, it’s clear that they have an unusual number. Not only is Laurence the leading manufacturer, whose successful career frequently keeps him away from home, but Jennifer has very little memory of who her husband is — and who she is — as a result of an unknown accident. 

Even though she tries to put on a brave face and flow into this privileged but strange life, Woodley portrays Jennifer as a lady who struggles to play the role quietly, no matter how beautiful it is.

Yes, her elegance is natural, but her opening lines in the film show that she has more questions than answers about her marital status. Meanwhile, Alwyn portrays Laurence as someone who trusts and trusts most people, but leaves something uncertain in his interactions with Jennifer. 

Jennifer and Laurence are enjoying a luxury dinner for their friends at the start of the film, with a scene revealing their dissatisfaction and distance.


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