Hello there readers. We hope that you are enjoying games on whatever console you have for yourself. PS5 gamers, may we have your attention? Yes, so the thing is if you play a lot of cross-gen games on your PS5 then there is a chance that you might be playing the PS4 version. How? Read on to find out.


As we all know, the PS5 gaming console is backward compatible with PS4. It means that if you buy a game that is available for both PS5 and PS4 and install it on a PS5 then by default the game will be installed in the PS4 version. As many of you must have already figured it out, if this is happening to you then you are missing out on the performance and graphics. Big problem that was there from the beginning was but overlooked by many. Fear not as there two ways to fix this.


The first solution is by using the DualSense options button. The button is located at the top-right corner on the touchpad. All you will have to do is get to the tile of the game you want to check for version. While it is highlighted on your screen, press the button we talked about just now. In the menu that pops up select that says “Game Version”. A sub menu will open up that will display the game version with the game name. Select the PS5 option. If the PS5 version is there select it and the next time the game will load in PS5 version. If the tab changes to download, then download the PS5 version and then launch it.

The second way is by accessing the Ellipsis Menu. The menu is located in the game library. In the menu, locate the game you want to check. Select it and it will show the game versions. Select PS5 in it. Again if PS5 version is already installed then simply select it and re-launch the game. If not, then the tab will change o download. Download it and re-launch it then.

There you go then. Comment below if the advice was useful and were you also playing the PS4 version of a PS5 game on a PS5?


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