Steam is a place where every gamer goes to buy games. If you are a regular costumer at Steam then you must have noticed that some of the games are offering a free prologue version of themselves. We were thinking do these prologues help gamers decide whether they should buy the game or not. Here’s what we have to say about it.


Before diving into whether these prologues are useful or not, let us first understand what prologue is? A prologue is a demo version of a bigger game that offers small section of the bigger game so that players can get an idea what the game is about, hoe to play it, is it good or not, etc. this feature is similar to what the app store on android devices offers as try out. Moving on to the debate, games like First Impact, Fly Punch Boom and Rising Hell are games that are offering prologue versions of themselves.

Looking at the data which includes data of these games and many more it can be noted that around a 100 players per prologue are actually buying the actual game. From this view point we can say that prologues are helping games better their fame. Looking at the other picture it is often seen that game prologue give away too much of the game play. This means that the prologue is so big or filled with content that players thing they had have enough of the particular game. Games with shorter prologue which offers only a few minutes of game play are doing better.

It is difficult to say whether or not game prologue are good or bad thing. It basically depends on how well the prologue is made. Have you ever played a game prologue, if yes then how did you felt after playing it? Share your view in the comment section.


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