Is PCUnlocker safe?

Yes, the PCUnlocker is safe. The software has been tested with many antiviruses, and none of them found it to be malicious. The safest way to download this software is through its official website. 

Moreover, information is protected by the platform’s usage of encrypted transactions and safety measures. Furthermore, another benefit of downloading it from the official website is that it guarantees access to the original tool. Thus, you will be saved from different scam websites and platforms that are dealing with fake replicas of the software.

About PCUnlocker

PCUnlocker is a practical tool that enables Windows computers to reset user passwords. The program works with every version of Windows, including NT and Win 10, which may even be used with Windows Server 2003 or later. Here is a list of tasks that PCUnlocker can perform for you:

  1. It can reset, remove or bypass administrator passwords.
  2. It can create new administrator settings.
  3. It can change any permissions and make any account an administrator.

Continue our PCUnlocker review, and get to know more about this software.

Pros and Cons of PCUnlocker

  1. Its operating range is very dynamic as it is compatible with all the different versions of windows. You can efficiently work with this software on windows 7, 8,10 or even 11.
  2. The UI is very user-friendly. It is highly responsive and smooth, which gives a fantastic user experience.
  3. This software has minimum system requirements. It does not ask for any high-end processor, graphic card, or RAM to function smoothly.

On the contrary, there are some cons to this software. The demo version grants us basic access only, due to which its actual functioning cannot be determined. Moreover, this software demands another PC and tool for it to be converted into bootable media.

Where to download PCUnlocker from?

The demo version of PCUnlocker can be downloaded from a website named Top Password. It provides the demo version for free, which gives a basic idea about the software’s interface and functioning. The demo version can be easily downloaded, installed, and verified. If the PCUnlocker detects the admin accounts, it can be confirmed that the software is working correctly. Along with the demo version, PCUnlocker premium versions are also available, and they have been categorized into three different parts according to user demands.

  • Standard: The entry-level version costs $19.95. You can make a CD or DVD to bypass local, and Microsoft accounts without changing the passcode. Additionally, you can unlock inactive or disabled users and upgrade basic accounts to the admin level.
  • Professional: In this type of premium version, you can employ a burn-to USB option in addition to the functions already described. You can create a new administrator account after logging into the software. This version also supports Windows Server. This version can be purchased for $29.95.
  • Enterprise: This edition permits unlocking Active Directory accounts and resetting the window’s domain user and admin passwords. Additionally, you can use it to access a PC with UEFI by using CD and USB bootable media. The Enterprise version has a $49.95 price tag.

How to test PCUnlocker?

First, you need to download the software. You will receive it as a zip file that will be carrying two files: instructions and one .iso type file.

A burner that enables mounting this software to a bootable medium is an additional a tool you will require. Since ImgBurn and ISO2Disc are free, the developer advises you to use them, but you are free to choose any app that you like. 

Once the media is prepared, put it on your PC and turn it on. Check your BIOS settings if your computer doesn’t start up immediately. 

Now select CD or USB as the first choice in the Boot Priority settings. After a computer restart, the program should run without user intervention.


Our PCUnlocker review proves that this program is one of the most dependable choices for managing and resetting Windows passwords. The functionality and usability are impressively balanced. The program has a straightforward interface that will make it simple to use. And so, you can quickly burn it on a bootable disc. The software has a great success rate, and its compatibility with almost all versions of windows, its user interface, and its fluency are the main features that helped it fulfill all the user demands and requirements. 

So, if you forgot any of your passwords now, this tool would help and make your life simpler. It is one of the best long-term investments when it comes to software and tools. Moreover, if you plan to work on Windows in the future, this software is a must-net.



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