There are rumours that Apple might launch the third generation iPhone SE this year. Though Apple is going to launch plenty of products this year, The iPhone SE 3 and air pods pro 2 will be the first to launch by April 2020. 

There is a Japanese blogging website named MacOtakara who have announced the rumour. The website has been very precise about guessing Apple products in the past. Though it has not given any specific information about the products other than its release date.

Talking about the airpods pro 2, it’s been a really long time since the first one launched and Apple usually updates it’s all devices in a year. So, earpods are the highly anticipated ones. there are no clues about what will Apple announce, a new cheaper earphone or an upgrade to the current one. 


The first in the list for this year is the iPhone SE 3. With the success that its previous variant got, there are high chances that Apple might launch the newer variant of the phone. There have been a number of rumours about the phones which make it more precise that the phone will be launched soon.

Though before the launch of the previous iPhone which was in mid-2020, the first iPhone was launched in 2016. So, there are no strong clues about the phone as unlike iPhones, Apple hasn’t been consistent with releasing the iPhone SE phones every year.

The second one in the list is an all new next generation Apple Airpods Pro. The last airpods were launched in late 2019 and people are really expecting a new one this year. After the company launched the Airpods Max this year, people have really high expectations with the next airpods and its sound quality.

The third product in the series is an iPad. The last iPad was launched a while ago and now it’s the time for the company to introduce a newer one. Let’s hope that company will launch the new iPad.

The fourth product is none other than our beloved iPhone 13. Over the time, Apple has been making one of the best mobile phones in the market and people really love the phone. Let’s see how the thirteen instalment of the series turns out.

So, which Apple product are you excited most about?


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