iPhone 13 Users Demand Apple Adds Noise Cancellation Option Offered In Earlier Models

Does iPhone 13 have a noise cancellation feature? The noise cancelation feature of the iPhones of the yesteryears was a very useful thing. Apple users recommended that it was a convenient feature as it helped in reducing the background noise.

Hence, the feature was expected to continue to be there for the iPhone 13 as well. Apparently, things have not turned out as anticipated.

The Real Deal

Well, it might sound shocking, but the new iPhone 13 does not have noise cancelation. The absence of this useful feature has left its users disappointed. They say that with the previous iPhones having the feature, they had grown accustomed to it.

The lack of it now is affecting their talking experience.

Furthermore, some users have also pointed out that the iPhone 13 has an adequate number of microphones to support noise cancelation. But for some reason, the iOS used in the phone lacks the coding for the feature.

Moreover, it is not like that only the base version has this lack of the feature. Even the iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, and the mini lack the noise cancelation feature.

That being mentioned, apple as of now has done almost next to nothing to rectify this issue. All they have done is bring in some updates for the iOS of iPhone 13s which have failed to solve the problem. Apple has not also officially said anything on the matter.

To say clearly, they have not even made it clear whether the absence of noise cancelation on the iPhone 13s is a mistake or they had planned to take out noise cancelation for good.

Hence, we cannot comment much right now. However, if Apple has indeed decided to take out noise cancelation, then why have they done is another thing to talk about, later on.

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