Apple has been consistently producing great mobile phones for the last few years with a better product every year. Recently, Apple released their upgraded version of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and it was a really great mobile phone with a great camera, battery and performance. People really loved the iPhone 12. It’s not been the whole year and there are talks everywhere about the upcoming phone by the company. Many of the tech sites are believing that the upcoming Apple phone might not be named as iPhone 13 but iPhone 12S as it would be a little similar to the previous phone of Apple. Though we have pointed out some of the reasons why Apple might name it as iPhone 12S and not iPhone 13. Below are the reasons which according to us, are why the company is keeping the old name.

THE PATTERN- The first reason why Apple might keep the name is their legacy, their pattern which they follow with almost every phone they make. Many of Apple’s devices like iPhone 5, 6 and 7 have later on came with their S versions like iPhone 5S, 6S, and 7S. So, we are expecting that same might be the case with this one too. Though it’s a long shot because after the iPhone’s XS, there was no S version in iPhone 11. So, if the company is planning to keep up the pattern then we might see iPhone 12S or else, there will be iPhone 13.

Unlucky Number- It might sound funny to you but 13 is considered as an unlucky number in many patterns of the world including USA and might be one of the reasons why the company won’t not name their phone as iPhone 13.

The Rumours- As per the rumours, the phone might be called as iPhone 13 though there have been no clarifications regarding the device from the company itself. there are also some of the rumours according to which the device might be called iPhone 12S. So, we currently have no ideas about what the device will be called. 

Also, it really doesn’t matter whatever the phone will be called as what matters is the device itself. Maybe there are not many updates as compared to the previous phone and that might be the reason the company is not going with iPhone 13 as both the devices will be similar. Though, everything is a complete guess for now and will be until the company announced anything officially 

By the way, what do you think the company will name its upcoming phone, iPhone 12S or iPhone 13?


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