If you are planning to buy Apple’s latest flagship phones iPhone 12, you will have to make sure that you are not using a pacemaker or else it might be riskier.

There is a new feature in iPhone 12 named MagSafe which uses magnets attached to the back side of the phones. Those magnets help the device to charge through the new magnetic charger and can also attach an additional battery cover case.

The problem with the MagSafe is that it has magnets in the device and if you have a pacemaker, you might know that pacemakers do not work well with the magnets.


Apple has also confirmed that the magnets might be riskier and there are no exceptions in their product. There was a support document uploaded by Apple where it was said by the company that users should keep the device and MagSafe accessories like charger and case at a safe distance from any kind of pacemaker or defibrillator. the user should keep it at a distance of more than 12 inches from the pacemaker. The company has also suggested to its users that they should consult with their doctor about the device and make sure it’s not risky to use the device.

pic credit : slashgear.com


On the one hand, the company is warning people to keep the device at a safer distance in case you are using any such device and on another they are telling that their device might not lead to a high risk of magnetic interference with medical devices.

We really don’t know so far if there will be a huge risk in using the device near a pacemaker or not, but still one should not take any risk with the medical condition of the user.

This does not mean that the iPhone 12 is not made for you or you should not buy it, or you have to keep it at a safe distance if you want to buy it. It just means that you have to make sure that it might not interfere with your medical condition and one should consult with their physician to make sure that there are no risks associated with using it and if the physician tells you not to use the phone, then you shouldn’t buy it, there are a plethora of phones available in the market which can you prefer over the iPhone 12.


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