Apple has recently announced that some major privacy changes are going to come in the iPhone. Apple has just recently released IOS 14 so, we are not expecting a new OS update i.e. IOS 15 in near future. but we are expecting that a small update with a new privacy feature might launch in this year. 


There will be new features for data transparency to be added in iPhone with IOS 14.5 update. The feature is currently in its testing stage but as it launches, the users will be asked permissions to collect their data and if they accept it, then it will record your whole data.

As the update is similar to the one which Facebook recently released with their app WhatsApp, Facebook didn’t like the new update claiming that it will hurt the small businesses.


The good thing is that the new update will give the users more control over their data and privacy which is a plus point because many of the apps who used to claim that they will provide full transparency and privacy, are not doing so.

The new update will not be limited to the iPhones only, it will also be launched for their iPads and TVs too.

People are really looking for such features in their devices because a lot of privacy of users is getting compromised day by day and it’s really not safe to share their data with third party apps. With the new update by Apple, users will have a full control over all the apps installed on the device. Do you find it a great step by Apple?


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