Investigators Search for Evidence at Property of Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos’ Dead Husband

Police are as yet looking for any indication of Jennifer Dulos, the Connecticut mother expert’s acceptance was slaughtered by her currently expired spouse, Fotis Dulos. 

On Tuesday, Connecticut State Police plunged upon the rambling property at 80 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington that was once claimed by Fotis Dulos’ structure organization, Fore Group. 

“State Police Western District Major Crime criminologists are reacting to Mountain Spring Road in Farmington for analytical purposes, circling back to old leads,” Connecticut State Police said in an explanation. 

Specialists have looked through the property previously, however they appeared this time with a tractor, Fox 61, the Hartford Courant, and the Connecticut Post report. 

In January 2020, on the day Fotis Dulos should show up in court to confront a homicide allegation regarding the vanishing of his irritated spouse, the mother of his five youngsters, he was discovered oblivious inside his SUV in the carport of his home on Jefferson Crossing in Farmington. 

He kicked the bucket days after the fact – and with him, answers to what in particular happened to his significant other, 50, who disappeared in May 2019 after dropping their kids off in school in New Canaan, where she lived in the wake of seeking legal separation from her better half, who was going behind her back with his courtesan, Michelle Troconis. 

Specialists discovered blood in the carport of her New Canaan home, where they accept she was “viciously attacked,” police have said. 

In a matter of seconds thereafter, her dark Chevy Suburban was discovered deserted almost a neighborhood park a few miles away. 

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At the hour of her vanishing, Jennifer Dulos was enmeshed in a combative separation and authority fight with her ex. Police claim that Fotis was “lying in pause” and assaulted his alienated spouse in her carport on the day she passed on, court archives show. 

They likewise found a “combination” of Fotis Dulos’ blood – and Jennifer Dulos’ blood – on the kitchen fixture inside the house, the examiner stated, the New Canaanite revealed. 

Fotis was seen on observation film disposing of trash containers in Hartford and at a vehicle wash, say police. 

On Tuesday, among those available to help search for Jennifer Dulos’ remaining parts at the Mountain Spring home – which is only minutes from the Jefferson Crossing home – was graveyard geophysics master Robert Perry, otherwise known as the “Bone Finder,” Fox61 reports. 

“They feel like the body was covered out in the lawn and this is my specialty, so I said sure no issue,” Perry revealed to Fox 61. 

“I check for oddities in the ground or ground unsettling influence and there were four territories that I watched that had ground aggravation in it. I was searching for a type of sign, similar to a skull or a few bones or something to that effect, that would radiate something on the sweep and I saw nothing there by any stretch of the imagination.” 

Examiners likewise looked inside the house, including the storm cellar. 

“We at that point went into the house, there was an inconsistency around 18 creeps in the ground and the peculiarity was prolonged, it seemed as though it might have been a grave yet I think it was a line,” Perry told Fox61. 

Specialists may re-visitation of search the forested areas encompassing the property, Fox61 reports. 

Searchers were brushing the property because the house is going to be sold, the Connecticut Post reports. 

The 10,000 square-foot home was recorded for almost $1.7 million. 

Meanwhile, Troconis as Fotis Dulos’ legal counselor, Kent Mawhinney, actually deals with indictments for the situation. 

Their legal advisors didn’t promptly react to PEOPLE’s solicitation for input.


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