The Resident Evil franchise games have a different king of cult following. Zombie lovers always wait eagerly for the games to come out and these days they are waiting for the new Resident Evil 4 Remake game. Sadly fans will have to wait longer due to the reports that are coming our way.


The new game will be delayed due to an internal conflict at Capcom, the main game developers of the Resident Evil franchise. The conflict is thus that initially Capcom had given the responsibility for the development of the new game to M-Two, a smaller game developer under the supervision of Capcom. M-Two had previously helped in the Resident Evil 3 Remake and had done a good job. The development of Resident evil 4 Remake was given as a reward to M-Two. M-Two now decided to make Resident Evil 4 Remake with very little deviation from the original Resident Evil 4 movie.

Capcom wanted to deviate from the movie a bit to incorporate new features and ideas that are not the part of the original movie. This direction change by Capcom was not incorporated by M-Two and thus Capcom decided to take over the development of the game. According to a latest report by VGC, now Capcom has handed over the development of the game to the Capcom Division 1. All these reassignments mean that the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake has been pushed to 2023.

What are your views on Capcom’s decision? Was it a right thing to do? Comment your views in the comment box.

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