Google Chrome is one of the top browsers which has a plethora of extensions which are available to install in their web browser. But Chrome is not the only one to have such a great number of extensions, there are other competitors also who are getting better.

We are talking about the Firefox browser here. Firefox has made it easier for users to install extensions in their mobile browser.

You might have used the web browser of Firefox where you could download password managers, tab organisers, and other privacy tools and extensions through their add on site.

However, the case is not the same with the mobile version of the browser. In the mobile browser, you will have to allow the add ons manager to access it in the browser menu.

The Firefox has a wide variety of plugins to install in the browser.

Firefox released a new version last year which used Mozilla’s engine instead of Android WebView. A lot of plugins had to be rewritten in order to give Mozilla the control and it would take a really long time to complete.

there wasn’t much time available to rewrite all the plugins. So, the company just launched the new browser with some of the important add ons which as per the company, are more popular and useful.

We are expecting more plugins to become available for the browser in future. The company will continue to develop more add ons in future, as per the blog post of Mozilla.

Are you excited to try out the new add ons?


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