Instagram launched a professional dashboard with everything at one place to help run users business accounts easily

The well-known social media platform Instagram now stepping up to make their app a bit more appealing in the field of marketing. They are enhancing there interface to encourage business owners and other individuals looking for a good platform to monetize their social media activity or other marketing. 

The Facebook-owned company recently launched something unique, which is a new professional dashboard that’s comes will all required business-centric tools at the same spot.

The new dashboard will list out all shortcuts for well-known branded content partnerships. More to this, the dashboard will also keep you updated with the ad-tracking features, account analytics, and other tutorials. Undoubtedly, this will help out many social media influencers and other business profile to manage their accounts more easily then before. 

Well, one can not figure out what particularly other than dashboard has been added. But its for sure that this new dashboard feature with everything at one place will be highly welcomed by a number of users. 

Instagram has a total around one billion active monthly users that’s a quite a large number of audience. This huge audience representation provides a large platform for wide range of brands. This includes celebrities, brand promoting influencers, and other ecommerce firms.

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