Insights of the JAYS f-Five True Wireless Earbuds

The Swedish manufacturer JAYS had released its new f-five True wireless earbuds earlier. These earbuds cost $79 which is reasonable, as the company claims that its performance and quality challenges those which are very expensive. 


These earbuds are of in-ear type truly wireless. The earbuds are placed inside a small case that is also used to charge those earbuds. 

This carry case is built from strong matte plastic. However, the case doesn’t seem like the best quality case but at this price, it is pretty decent. 

These earbuds support type-c charging. And the front part of the case consists of a LED that reflects the charging status. 


These earbuds are pretty good in terms of sound quality at the provided cost. The audio in these earbuds is pure and nearly neutral. You will get the same audio quality throughout various genres. 

These earbuds have an adequate bass response. However, these earbuds are a bit off-putting at the low-end thump but still, the quality is astounding. The treble on these earbuds is remarkable. 

There are issues at the mid-region that leads to vocals getting disturbed. But this does occur with many other devices that enter this range of frequency. 

Ultimately, the quality of these earbuds is very impressive at the given price which you don’t get very often. 


These earbuds are not active noise eliminating earbuds. However, they do eliminate some external noise. This elimination is sufficient but not as much as active noise-cancellation earbuds. 


Another problem with these earbuds is latency. There is a delay in vocals while seeing videos. To examine this, numerous tests had been performed by watching different videos, but the outcome didn’t change. 

Utilizing these earbuds while playing games becomes very difficult. 


The claims made by the company regarding the battery backup are baffling. At a place, it says that the earbuds last for 4 hours if used continuously and the carry case offers three extra charges making a total of 16 hours. 

Then at another place, it says that the earbuds last for 4.5 hours if used continuously and a sum of 18 hours of charge with the carry case.

Practically speaking, the result was pretty impressive but was not constant. It gave 4.5-5.5 hours of continuous usage. So, it does go beyond the figures claimed by the company. 


Overall, the earbuds are pretty impressive at this cost. They are worth the money. Yes, there are some drawbacks. If you are okay with them, then the earbuds are just perfect.

Stay Tuned! More gadgets and launches yet to come.


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