We bet you would not like to miss the insights of Hotel Transylvania Transformania. Sony’s most popular animated film series Hotel Transylvania’s 4th movie is finally coming out after a lot of delays.

A lot has changed since the third movie of the series.

The changes include the change in the cast and obviously a new story. We will give you all that information as you read ahead.


Sony Pictures are the one who has made the 4th installment of this series. They have named the 4th movie as Hotel Transylvania: Transformania.

Sony made the first, second, and third movies of this series as well.

Hotel Transylvania Transformania will be directed by two people who are Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon.

The screenplay of the movie has been written by Genndy Tartakovsky. Columbia Pictures and MRC have also co-produced the film.

The trailer for the movie came out on YouTube on 17th May 2021 on the official YouTube channel of Sony Pictures. Here is the trailer


The movie was initially planned to come out on 23rd July 2021 but due to the rising covid situation, the release date was postponed. Now finally the movie will be coming out on Amazon prime on 14 January 2022.


In the department of the star cast, there is a major change. Adam Sandler has been replaced by Brian Hull for the voice of Dracula.

No exact reason for this change has been given from Adam’s side.

But Derek has explained that the change has been done as the character of Dracula turns human in this particular movie so that called for a bit older voice because if we think about it if Dracula was a human he would have been very old by now.

Other than this the cast from the previous movies will reappear in the 4th one. 

In the 4th movie, Andy will become a monster.

The process he uses though has some side effects due to which all the other ghosts and monsters in the castle are turning into human beings. This is a very hilarious situation and will make for a very good movie to watch.

Looks like 2022 will start on a very positive note with the release of the Hotel Transylvania: Transformania happening right at the beginning of the year.

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