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The plot is in the city of dreams and possibilities of Mumbai. The thriller for psychological crime shows an intriguing chasm between a serial killer and the CBI officer called Gulshan. The film investigates the deepest desire for temporary gratification from the perspective of the serial killer.

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Footfairy Movie Plot Details

Information About Footfairy Movie Download

A tumultuous tale of a ruthless psycho murderer who takes girls from his feet with him after violently murdering the victim. The film Gulshan Ghatge and Devaiah is a film about Gulshan Devaiah. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Psychologie thriller was the first film ever to air directly on Indian TV. The film premiered on &Pictures alone in October 2020 and generated a spirit amongst the social media masses.

But both film critic and viewers reacted in the storey of Footfairy; especially its ending. The director of Kanishk Varma focuses on the assassination trial of a serial killer who kills and cuts off the feet of young girls to bring them as his reminder. While the plot of the &Pictures film impressed the masses, some weaknesses were noted, most of which with Footfairy ending on a cliffhanger.

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Who is the killer in Footfairy?

Footfairy is a thriller of psychology that marked Kanishk Varma’s directing debut. The film is a mystery that gives viewers more cruel ways of finding the murderer in Footfairy. The life of Vivaan Deshmukh (Gulshan), who shows himself to be CBI’s Sherlock Holmes, revolves around a journey to kill his father. As the title of the film & Pictures implies, the serial killer is called ‘Footfairy.’

The title, as mentioned earlier, is assigned to the assassin for his fascination with cutting off the legs of the victim and taking it with him. However, Vivaan drops to Joshua Matthews due to the increased pressure of murder (Kunal). Joshua is the main suspect in Footfairy because of his irregular conduct and unexplained absences. But it’s just cold proof that Deshmukh lacks to arrest the suspect.

After another murder, after Footfairy, Vivaan tries to barge into the house of Joshua so that Joshua can take the crime with him while his office waits for the results of the latter’s DNA. Joshua wrongly acknowledges being ‘Footfairy’ after being beaten repeatedly. So, when his colleague stops him and tells him his findings read “inclusively,” that proves Joshua is not a murderer. Vivaan decides to shoot him.

The movie then takes a seven-year jump immediately as Devika and Vivaan’s daughter is seen to take care of her. On the other hand, Vivaan flies to Mumbai for somebody’s funeral, where he meets Harsh. It has been revealed that Vivaan is transferred to Banglore after having been asked to leave as Joshua filed defamation.

After bidding goodbye to Harsh, Vivaan went to the same assassination site, where a kid reveals to him that another person had visited and told him the red case he had held there a few years earlier. When asked where the unidentified individual was going, the child points to the railways with open-end zooming in on the camera. Footfairy emphasises the vague fetish of the serial murderer and the obsession of the CBI officer to track down the perpetrator.

Footfairy Movie Cast Details

  • Gulshan Devaiah is CBI Inspector Vivan Deshmukh
  • Sagarika Ghatge is Devika
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur is Joshua Matthews
  • Ashish Pathode is Harsh

Footfairy Movie Review

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The film Gulshan Devaiah seeks to fascinate an insane killer who takes his victims’ feet as memories.

Foot Fairy is a reasonably simple tale with the tragic rhyming with the tooth fairy of a monstrous ‘fairy’ who takes only his most beautiful feet away. Of course, after the unlucky victim was killed first. The thriller traces a monster’s murder trial, who suffocates and cuts off young girls’ beautiful feet to carry his memories.

On its scent is Vivaan Deshmukh, a CBI officer who thinks his intestines are more than anything else in the world, who plays Gulshan Devaiah. He puts his heart and soul into a heartless killer, confident in his knack to solve complex crimes. Sadly, Gulshan still falls short of the assassin’s clawing inches. Like him, the nearly two-hour film on &photos can’t meet the expectations of being an exciting thriller.

As a paediatrician girlfriend intrigued by psychopathic criminals, Sagarika enters Vivaan’s life. Though her character sketch hasn’t got many dimensions added, her strange jokes make you feel awkward. She asks her onscreen boyfriend if her feet are good enough to get the Footfairy’s attention and ask questions about her health.

Gulshan is a fan of David Fincher, and the master of Kanisk Varma’s film has a few nodes. One is Mindhunter: Casually held at Vivaan’s table inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit based on Fincher’s Netflix show. Vivaan is also called ‘Sherlock Holmes’ as ‘CBI’s very own,’ but there’s not that much to be compared. The thriller feels flat with the assassination mystery that lacks solid writing and impactful storytelling.

In those moments, someone named Sherlock wants to fail to come true – for example, in a decent crowded public restaurant, Vivaan addresses the complicated finds of the football case. He couldn’t even discourage him when he saw an enthusiastic eavesdropper.

But the disappointing end left us even angrier. We are not an endless sucker, or we hope we can close a murder mystery, but it’s not an ideal place for us without even enjoying a few adventures on the way. The film seems meaningless, as the filmmaker wants to illustrate football obsession and that a CBI officer obsessed with finding the guilty person.

Footfairy may promise to be exciting on edge but is not similar to recent assassination mysteries, Asur or The Raiks. Although comparing it to web shows is not accepted, the show offers a thrill to the audience. 

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