Indebtedness Of Ali Fazal To Bollywood Stars: His Advent In Hollywood

An actor who drew his graph higher in the OTT platform with his Mirzapur series is Ali Fazal. He extended his acting career into the land of Hollywood by making his special appearance in a debut film Furious 7, an action thriller movie directed by James Wan. 

By taking the lead roles, he made his presence in “Victoria and Abdul” a British American film which vividly delineates the relationship between Queen Victoria and her confidant Abdul Karim, an Indian servant.

No matter what, opportunities do follow only those people who put hard work and stay determined to the core. The Mirzapur fame putforths his point that it is not an easy task to establish oneself in an industry which is novel himself/herself, that too after earning a name in their own industry.

He also adds that actors like Shashi Kapoor, Om Puri, and Irfan were able to stand strong owing to their diligent choices, industrious nature and perfect decision making in their films. 

“Actors like them play a phenomenal role in laying a deep foundation for current age actors and they seem to be the key to unlock the path for young talents” says Ali Fazal.

Senior actors always embrace the young talents and direct them in a correct path. Having felt such a spiritual guidance, Ali Fazal is much indebted to the remarkable work of actors like Irfan Bhai, Saeed Jaffery, Sashi Kapoor and Om Sa’ab who have done an ultimate job in creating chances for the new age actors. 

“Playing such kind of lead roles were possible because of their contribution and bravery” says Ali Fazal.

After having given such extraordinary roles in “Victoria and Abdul” and “Death on the Nile” Ali is about to play the lead character (yet to release)  war drama, which is provisionally  named “Code Name: Johnny Walker,” written by Alan Wenkus. It is an adaptation of best-selling novel is an additional information.

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