Mozilla has posited about the availability of its VPN  solution for Linux and Mac devices from now onwards, following its iOS, Android and windows launch last year. Currently, VPN of Mozilla is been only made available for access in six countries i.e., Canada, Singapore, the UK, the US, Malaysia, and New Zealand. And would be available worldwide soon.

Similar to many other VPN solutions, Mozilla renders encryption of network activity by using WireGuard and includes hiding of customer’s IP address. Using high-speed cryptographic primitives in Mozilla means that VPN would still experience the same benefits with fast network speed.

Apart from that, Mozilla VPN provides utilization of more than 280 servers all over 30 countries, gives the ability of encryption at device-level, no tracking of your online activity and doesn’t prohibit at a certain bandwidth. For signing up into Mozilla’s VPN would cost $4.99 per month and endows access or connection by five devices at each monthly purchase.

Benefits of VPN solutions:

Due to the pandemic and lockdown situation usage of VPNs reached its peak. As, visiting office places was not feasible due to which forced IT individuals, etc, to work remotely i.e., work from home. It helps employees and other office workers to secure their online connections, simultaneously accessing there official resources & PC from home only.

Even if you are unable to work remotely, Mozilla’s VPN gives flexibility and worth adoption. Pupils often using public Wi-Fi get benefited it’s added privacy, additionally, it helps people who do social media marketing or oftenly comes online through their home network.

Rather than Mozilla’s eminent Firefox web browser,  this company also has many other online products available, including its handy pocket application which saves article or news for reading it later. After getting available for Linux and Mac, it has cover-up ample platform. Undoubtedly, it is a good competition for other VPN solutions which are available in the market.

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