In X-Force #14, Wolverine Just Suffered His Most Humiliating Loss

Recently, Wolverine suffered a humiliating loss in a contest. Yes, that’s right! In X-Force #14, artist Joshua Cassara (Wolverine) and colorist Guru-eFX (Deadpool), and writers Benjamin Percy (Wolverine) and Gerry Duggan (Deadpool), Wolverine becomes a participant in a competition. 

The contest is held between the denizens of Arakko and the mutants of Krakoa. Moreover, it is hosted by Saturnyne.

As each competition is passed, the contest becomes more bizzare. And one of the contests was a catwalk competition, where Wolverine participated too. However, he lost the competition in the end. The competition was among the inhabitants of Arakko and our beloved X-Men.

The stakes are extremely high this time. If the X-Men loses then, they will be at a disadvantage. The team has already fallen, but the contest has taken a major twist. Fans were expecting to see swordfights and slugfests, but what they got is a catwalk competition, a dance-off, and a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Wolverine takes part in a catwalk contest only to lose. Before the competition, he brags that whatever he does is best, except nailing the catwalk. Storm was a contestant too who performed well, but Wolverine did not. His hunching and walking clearly showed that he was not at all comfortable.

Moreover, his facial expression said it all. The main problem was his sandals, knee-length shorts, and straps on his chests. His look clearly screamed a fashion disaster. 

Storm looks effortless, but Wolverine does not! Plus, his loss costs Krakoa the competition. Arakko emerged victorious yet again, and the scene is played for light humor. In this scene, it clearly shows that Wolverine cannot pull this thing off. The main question is, who chose Wolverine to take part in this contest? And why would someone pick him over other characters? If he decided to volunteer, then what was he thinking? It ain’t a fighting match. However, it is too late to think about the past, because it handed another loss to Krokoa.

Final Words

Wolverine’s funny catwalk might have made you laugh a bit, but he still lost the contest. And if the X-Men lose the entire contest then the whole world will lose to Arakko. Some fans are questioning about why these competitions are weird, and they are also wondering when they will get to see their favorite characters in action

. Only three parts are remaining in the event, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to get their answers. Stay tuned for more updates.


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