Impractical Jokers:Inside Jokes Batch 4 In January 2022 On HBO Max

The holidays are almost here HBO max has prepared a whole list of shows that the service will make available during the holiday season. The most recognized show among them is the Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes (batch 4). Following are the details about the new release date of the show and the show itself.


This is the spin-off of the original Impractical Jokers show. As a lot of you may know the show is about hidden cameras that capture actual people who get pranked by the show’s team. The show is very popular and this spin-off that came out in 2016 was also very popular as well. The spin-off series episodes were the old episodes from the actual show. The only difference was that the Inside Jokes episodes had extra pop-up facts throughout them. Along with that the episodes also featured behind the scene action. Till now the fans of the show enjoyed watching the reruns of it. 

Now as a holidays gift for the fans of the show, HBO Max is going to make available Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes (Batch 4) from 4th January 2022. All the episodes of the show will be available to stream and that too at your own convenient time. And this is just one show that we have told you about. A lot of other old and new shows and movies are going to be available on HBO Max for the holiday season. HBO Max has planned to release something or the other almost every day till the 29th of January. 

You are going to be overwhelmed with the number of shows coming to HBO Max. So, order your drinks and snacks in advance to binge-watch the movies and shows like a king/queen.

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