While playing video games, especially the ones which involve fighting enemies with weapons, have you ever wondered how important elemental reactions are. You probably won’t even know what we are talking about. We will explain it for you so that you can appreciate its importance.


Put simply, elemental reactions are the in game chain of events or activities that are initiated by you. A simple example will be you using a barrel of oil to blow up your enemies. The barrel of oil here was the part of the elements present in the game. Players use these elements to full effect to inflict more damage and gain more points. At times an exploding barrel can set off more barrels exploding that can cause serious damage to the enemies.

Oil barrels are the things of the past and where there in games like DOOM (1993). Depending upon the game you are playing barrels of oil can be replaced with other things. Take for example BioShock (2007). In this game are the notorious water puddles. The water does not explode but when water and electricity combine, they make a deadly combination. The trick is to wait for all the enemies to arrange themselves on the wet floors and then zap it with electricity.


The reason for which pro-players use elemental reactions so much is that it makes killing easy. What would have taken maybe cartridges of bullets takes only one bullet to be done. The bullets saved can be used for killing more enemies which will fetch more points. 

 At the end elemental reactions make our gaming experience more spectacular. The sight of a big explosion is always amazing to look at and unknowingly we all use them. Tell us about your favorite elemental reaction across the games, in the comment box.

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