The International Business Machine (IBM) has done a new study which shows that many of the big organisations are not quite prepared for the future IT needs. With the new technology emerging today and as the changes are occurring day by day. The organisations should also keep updating themselves with these updates in the technology, or else they won’t be able to survive in this competitive market.

A transition to cloud computing will be required for the organisation in order to achieve digital motives.

There was a survey conducted in the UK and US where it was found that of the companies on whom the research was done, about 60 percent of companies were not even sure that they will be able to fulfil the IT needs in the future. The survey stated that about 24% of the companies believe that they have just started their IT modernization journey and they are yet to begin their operations on that side.

It seems that cloud computing is the future of businesses as it will solve the digital concerns of the companies. A huge number of companies want to plan some strategies to adopt aggressive cloud computing. 


The general manager of IBM infrastructure services said that their clients are looking to accelerate their IT modernization by leveraging cloud models. They want to work on both public and hybrid technologies with data, AI, automation and other technology. 

In this highly changing environment, organisations must have the right technology and its related solutions available. 

After this Covid-19 pandemic, the need is increasing to adapt cloud solutions for organisations. Many of the top IT companies think that in the future, cloud adoption will be very important and required in the future.

There are a lot of benefits of moving to a cloud-based system. Though moving to the system will not be that easy. many companies really want to install IT systems in their companies but they are not that educated about the system. Many of the companies did not have the proper skills which are required to achieve their IT goals. 

Technology is really changing with time and one thing important at some time might not have any value in future. You can’t surely say anything about the cloud computing system also. It is possible that there will be an all-new system introduced in the near future which will change the whole idea.

Do you think the cloud computing is the future of businesses or some other technology might replace it?


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