“I Can Make An Anthem For This Character”: Camila Cabello, Kid Cudi, Anderson. Paak And The Thr Songwriter Roundtable

Hollywood Reporter’s THR Songwriter Roundtable took place with a bang. All the talented personalities, when united through a platform using music, had an absolute banger of a roundtable session. Here are the highlights of the same.

I Can Make An Anthem For This Character Highlights

The roundtable session consisted of singer and songwriter Camila Cabello and Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi. Along with these two, there was rapper Anderson . Paak and the Sparks brothers Ron Mael and Russell Mael.

The roundtable started off with the Spark brothers discussing why they have composed music for the movie Annette. They say they were looking for a new challenge, met the director of the movie at the Canes Film Festival, asked him if they could compose music for him once again as they had done in a previous movie of his and the director said yes.

Next Camila explained that she always wanted to try acting. That drama school made her a singer and when the chance for Cinderella came along and she took it. Next Scott explained how through a party he once again came about to work with Jay-Z.

He says that Jay-Z looked him up at a party, said he had a song that was for him. The next thing Scott knows is that Jay-Z got back to him a few days after the party and in this way, the two got back to working together along with a few more talented people. Last but not least.

Paak explains how much he loves to work with the Marvel studios. He said that they have a huge budget every time and for Shang-Chi, he just liked Awkwafina, the lead of the movie so much that he instantly said yes to work for them.

And that was all from the awesome roundtable session.

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