In order to grab everyone’s attention, another movie was released by Netflix which is, Hypnotic. We are here with the Hypnotic review And rating update.

Before knowing more about the movie, let us jump onto the scrutiny of the movie.


Hypnotic is a 2021 release that was given 3.5/5 stars. This horror mystery was rated 29% on rotten tomatoes and was given an audience score of 16%.

According to the sources, only 80% of the audience liked this film.

These reviews already indicate that this movie wasn’t appreciated by many and has generally unfavorable reviews.

Now let us know some more about the audience’s expectations from the movie.


According to the sources, we got to know that people say that the narrative plays it too safe and straightforward, making for a serviceable but generic effort.

Fans feel the movie to be one of those 70s psychological thrillers. The movie attempts to be complex and a bit cerebral, but it falls quite flat.

Fans say that everything is laid out on the table so quickly, that there is no element of surprise, and it becomes predictable and bland.

Also, the audience was not impressed by the performance of the cast.

The audience says that the movie was labeled as a thriller, however, it was not and nowhere close to one.

The movie kept jumping from one scene to another so it was hard to keep up with.

These disappointing reviews show that fans were expecting something better.


Hypnotic is an American thriller film released on 27th October 2021. The movie is directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote. It was released by Netflix. Moreover, this movie revolves around a young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a hypnotist.

Check out the trailer,

Got hyped up while reading the reviews? Well, you can watch this one now on Netflix.

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