Hulu Appears To Be Added To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks

If you are a subscriber of the XBOX Game Pass then you must be aware of the numerous good perks this subscription brings along with the games. And Well today we have some steaming news on this little perk of the XBOX Game Pass and it to be in Hulu Appears. Want to find out what the news is? Read on then.

Hulu Appears

The News

So, the big news is that with the purchase of the XBOX Game Pass, you can now get free It subscription for two months. The news at first was just like a rumor but yesterday only, things got confirmed. Under the deal, you will get the no ads version of Hulu for two months. Once your two months will be over, you will have to renew your subscription for it at a price of $12.99 per month. That is the standard price for the Hulu subscription.

There are though, a few ifs and buts to this. You are eligible for this deal only if you are an XBOX Game Pass Ultimate member. Secondly you will be able to get Hulu free for two months only if you are a new Hulu user or you are an old Hulu user not using your account now.

You will be considered an old user only if you have not used any Hulu free trails in the past one year. Next if you wish to change your XBOX Game Pass plan, then your free it subscription will get cancelled automatically.

The last and the most important thing is that if you are not an XBOX Game Pass Ultimate user then you will have to become one by 4th March 2022 and redeem the Hulu offer by 5th March 2022. The same last date of 5th March 2022 is applicable for existing XBOX Game Pass Ultimate users to avail the Hulu offer.

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