How Users Interact With Companies On Social Media

Companies creating accounts on social media know that a well-functioning service is behind the successful development of a brand. Now each brand has accounts on several services (for example Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter) and many of them even buy likes on Instagram to promote their profile.

If users don’t ask questions, don’t give feedback, don’t interact with the brand in any way, then something is going wrong. And if there are no ideas on how to encourage users to communicate, let’s think together about why the representatives of the target audience start a dialogue with the brand on social networks.

Ask questions

Often, subscribers, having become interested in a company’s product, want to know the price of a particular product, delivery time and cost, office or salon address, etc. With the advent of social networks, it is easier for people to ask questions of interest in writing than to communicate with managers by phone.

In order not to miss out on potential customers, a brand needs to take care of where these questions are asked. Open Direct access, set up group messages in other social networks. Create discussions and open comments (most of the questions are asked there, especially on Instagram) and constantly monitor, answer questions quickly and extensively.

Make orders

The period of distrust for online purchases has passed, so make it so that customers, by opening a social network, can buy your goods or services quickly and without problems.

To do this, add a button to place an order and connect the bot in the messenger. Indicate what steps you need to follow to place an order using a post on Instagram or Facebook. Try occasionally creating posts with the option to reserve seats or create a request for an order in the comments.

Leave reviews

Contrary to popular belief, users love to share reviews of purchased products or services with others. This plays into the hands of the brand because no one will sell it better than the buyers who have already tried the product.

Include a customer testimonial post in your content plan, where users write their experiences with the brand and products in the comments. And do not forget to respond to every comment with words of gratitude, close objections, and remove negativity.

React to content

Marketers know that the users’ activity affects subscriber engagement and increases the reach of posts. The larger the reach, the more users will see the post in the news feed.

For this to happen, discard dry facts content. At the end of posts, ask questions on the topic, conduct polls, ask to share your stories in the comments, do everything so that users react to the information provided to them.

Request technical support

Users love social media more than websites. And if they order goods or services through social networks, then technical support in the event of a non-working order button, or problems with the product, will be looked for in the same place.

In the profile information, include a link to the location where it is carried out. This point should not be neglected because a prompt response to a problem increases the level of customer service in the company, and, as a result, customer confidence.


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