One area of human society and culture that is in a perpetual state of revolution is the clothes we wear. Former attire has fallen back to something more comfortable now that working from home has reduced the need for proper work attire. While suits are now heading on out, clothes that keep you comfy and operational are now “in”. This brings us to the exciting topic of sweatpants, also called ‘joggers’ or ‘jogging pants’?    

Sweatpants are becoming an essential wardrobe item these days and why shouldn’t they be? If you will be spending more time around your home, might as well do so in the best comfort possible.  

Still just because you will be wearing something more comfortable and less formal, this doesn’t mean your sweat pants don’t have a place in regular society, as in away from the couch. With a little planning and an eye for style, your sweat pants can be a stylish and even attractive addition to your wardrobe.   

To wear an item like the best sweat pants, you will need to know how they fit. So, here is a guide to properly wearing sweatpants.   

To provide a straightforward solution, here is what a pair of sweatpants should fit:    

The leg should be tapered at the bottom but generally a little looser around the crotch and thigh region. 

Choose elasticated waistbands and leg openings.  

Sweatpants should be comfy. Not too tight!  

Choose a classic simple color, like gray or navy.   

Pay attention to the footwear you choose. Sweatpants draw attention to your shoes.  

So, what’s the perfect fit for sweatpants?  

The first thing to look for is the right shape of sweatpants. This means that the lower leg past the knee should taper down to the ankle. They should also be looser and more comfortable around the crotch and thighs. The pockets should not be visible. Another important point to examine is the opening of the sweatpants around the ankle. This opening should end at the shoe exactly, not hang over the top of the shoe. It is even a good idea to get the type with elastic at the ankle opening so that they can be pulled up a little and show the shoe.   

Around the waist, elastic waistbands help you enjoy a more comfortable fit as well.  

Sweatpants must be comfortable, above all else. The whole idea of wearing sweatpants is to keep comfortable. If you have sweatpants that are too tight, they will make you feel restricted.    

What about the material and details?  

The materials you choose will also go a long way in getting the most comfortable sweatpants. Something soft and breezy like 100% cotton fabrics is always a good look and a great feel. Colors are more of an aesthetic choice, but can also help with your comfort. Simple tones will match easily, loud zebra stripes may be distracting — even for you. Softer shades are subtle and work with all body types, and they won’t call attention to especially slim or larger builds.     

Then take some time to look at the other details like colored cuffs, drawstrings, pockets, etc. Minimalist styles are always the best choice — after all, they combine so well with all other items and outfits. With all these fiddly details, your pants may not look like sweatpants, but they can lose some of their charm and versatility. ‘Less is more ‘is a good rule of thumb for choosing sweat pants.  

Shoes are important… 

Sweatpants naturally draw a lot of attention to the shoes you have chosen. For this reason, choosing the right footwear is the key to creating that ideal look. Wear something cool and comfortable, like sneakers — converse is perfect. A pair of loafers or any other formal shoe will not look too good, even if you are a fashion innovator.



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